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This small commission is earned at no extra cost to you, Esteemed Reader.

I, Dr Teboho Lekhanya, the website’s Creator and Admin, have affiliated with reputable companies or Affiliate Networks. Specifically, I am an Amazon Associate. As an Amazon Associate, I earns from qualifying purchases.

Kindly be reassured that apart from the affiliate links, there is no other cookie installed on this website. There are some anonymous cookies which collect statistics and data purely for analytical purposes.

Please go on and enjoy reading and otherwise using the website!


  1. Oh! This is good to see here. 

    Being honest is one of the major things that gives credence and builds trust in a site. Though I don’t see most websites disclosing something like this with a dedicated post. It is especially good to know that someone out here has the best interest of the readers at heart and has given the full information about this website and what to anticipate by clicking on the links. Thank you for your information here. Thumbs up

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