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Here you will find well-researched, objective information on health. This is to help you and your loved ones live 21st Century life as happily as possible.

This site is under constant monitoring, to ensure that information is updated to meet latest and best international practices, and that errors (rare) are corrected.  Website monitoring is also so that Visitors’ comments, queries and concerns are addressed timeously.

May 2020: Publishing Days have been set to Sunday and Thursday every week.

Happy reading and learning!


The Admin, Dr Teboho Lekhanya (MB ChB, BSc) who researches and creates content, is a Generalist with many interests. He has decades of experience, and travel to 4 of the world’s continents.

By training, Dr T Lekhanya is a Biologist / Chemist and General Medical Practitioner with 2 decades of

experience in Family Practice. Highest accolade during MB ChB training: a Gold Medal Award for Research and Writing in Medical Science (Pharmacia & Upjohn, 1996).

Highest accolades from a Medical end:

  • being elected Vice President, then President of the Lesotho Medical Association, LMA (2004 & 2005 respectively).
  • LMA Award for Outstanding Service to Lesotho Healthcare, 2006.

By public engagement, Dr T Lekhanya is a Sport-for-Health-and-Development Practitioner. I use Sports to raise awareness about, and to prevent common and newly-emerging Public Health problems. Highest accolade to this end: being selected by FIFA for the Football for Health Award 2010 (FIFA World. April 2010, page 20).

The focus areas of this website are:

  • Health Promotion,
  • Health and wellness,
  • Health Education and
  • Public Health


* Creating 2 own-domain, and 1 Siterubix websites through Wealthy Affiliate. Being in the Top 2% of the 2 million WA Community in publication statistics

* 2018: Helping to set up the rural Qacha’s Nek Community Radio in Lesotho (https://www.lca.org.ls/press-release-board-grants-new-licences-amends-and-revokes-some-operating-licences/)
* 2008-12: Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Lesotho Football Association
: Member, National Executive Committee of the Lesotho Football Association
* 2006: LMA Award for Outstanding Service to Lesotho healthcare
* 2005: LMA (Lesotho Medical Association) President 2005/6
* 2005: Setting up a sports project, Koeneng Golden Champs (KGC), to raise awareness about, and combat “Africa’s Four As” (AIDS, Alcoholism, Accidents & Allergies). KGC participated in FIFA World Cup 2010 and was shortlisted for FIFA’s Football for Health Award (FIFA World, Apr 2010, p20). By 2012, KGC was registered in Lesotho as Koeneng
Golden Champs Organisation and had also informally become Koeneng Group of Charities.
* 2004: Recorded a comforting album with Koeneng Gospel Choir (KGC), due to Africa’s death rate
: LMA Vice-President for 2004/5
* 2001/2: Setting up Koeneng Surgery with branches 364km apart
* 1998-2000: worked in 4 countries (S Africa, Lesotho, NZ, UK), in 3 continents
* 1996: Upjohn Award for Excellence in Writing, UCT
* FOUR publications as an undergrad medical student, with 3 in international medical journals
* MB ChB3: Best Essay Project in Human Behaviour at UCT (theme: HIV/AIDS), subsequently published by the Journal of the Community Health Association of Southern Africa (CHASA)
* MB ChB1: Among the Top 10 students in a class of 150, and subsequently (1992) being appointed as a Tutor in the Computer Appreciation course, University of Cape Town (UCT)
* BSc: Among the Top 5 graduates in Biology & Chemistry


1. The Lesotho Constitutional Crisis: A Cape Town Perspective. (A day-to-day account of one of Africa’s political crises, as it unfolded in Cape Town newspapers, 1994.)

2. “Medical Dictionary.” PACEMAKER 1996; revised 1999. (Medical humour.)

3. What are the Challenges of HIV/AIDS to Medical Practice in Africa? CHASA J 1997 8(1): 36-41. (A review of > 50 publications.)

4. Persistent, Severe Asthma in a Twelve-year Old Cape Town Twin. CHASA J 1997 8(2): 94-100. (A case study into Asthma.)

5. A Peripheral Hospital Can Be Fulfilling: For Staff and Patients Alike. South African Medical Journal (SAMJ) 1998 May 88(5): 567-9. (Hospital Survey.)

6. The Lesotho Mixed-Member Parliament: An Essential, But Expensive National and International Asset. Lesotho Medical Association Journal 2004 Dec 2(2): 31-33

7. 3 publications in Public Eye weekly newspaper in the weeks from 2/12/2005:
“Gender Equality Now, Not Another Death Later!”

“Who’s Failing Whom – ABC or Us?”

“Hey, What Happens After Hey” (Editor’s Choice)

8. HIV Prevention is Not as Simple as A, B, C: Going Beyond “ABC” for Lesotho. Lesotho Medical Association Journal 2007 Jul 5(2): 5-7









Twenty-first Century life, though seemingly glamorous, is hard. And it is getting harder for the majority of the world’s inhabitants.

More than half the world’s population is experiencing two pandemics with onset within 40 years of each other. This double attack by viruses is unprecedented.

The world’s economy is not stabilising. The Climate Chaos (often called “Climate Change”) that began at the close of the past century, continues unabated. And it brings about a lot of destruction, which hits the weakest members of society the most.

The unfolding COVID-19 Pandemic has reawoken the Human Race to the fact that all of us, need all of us.

Dr T Lekhanya would like to reach out to the Global Community with his preventive and promotive work. Importantly, I aim to provide information and solutions to you personally, Dear Reader. I wish to lend a hand in alleviating suffering, not only of humans, but of all forms of life on Earth.


The goal of the site is to provide, at the fingertips, information for people around the globe. This help is available 24/7, at high speed, in order to enable Visitors to tackle Health and Wellbeing issues.

The backbone of the website is a proactive approach, EDUCATING one and all in the global community, and providing answers for some of the most pressing questions.

Interaction / discussion is strongly encouraged. But this should be cordial and respectful, not only towards the site’s host(s), but to other Site Users as well.

Thanks for visiting this my website and all the best! 🤗

Dr Teboho Lekhanya

MB ChB (Cape Town), BSc

EICS Verification Number: E142710-3


Email: teboho@personalandglobalhealth.com





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  1. Hello Dr Teboho, thanks for the very clean and well structured article. There are two kids in my house who want to be doctors too and when you ask them why they want to take up such a career, they say they don’t want to see mummy sick and I just smile. It’s really nice now you’ve willed your time out to wanting to help others and I really like it. Nice story

    1. Hi Justin,

      Thanks so very much for reading through the About Page and thanks even more for your kind words!

      Congratulations to mummy because her future years are already in safe hands! 😁

      My very best wishes to the kids. But I encourage them to make as much effort possible as they grow up, to chat with Doctors and other Healthcare professionals, so they can get a deep understanding of the opportunities and joys of the profession, but also the evolving challenges.

      Warmest regards!

  2. I am definitely and definitely going to be using this site to get all the information I need to get about my health. I am glad to see this because you are a learned man in this great field. Your experience is really good and it is reflected in the story you have shared. I love what you have here and I love to thank you for that. Cheers!

    1. Hi Suz,

      Thanks so very much for reading through the About Page and providing valuable and encouraging input!

      The website will not disappoint its Esteemed Supporters.

      Warmest regards. 😊

  3. It seems you have your website off to a good start.  You are tackling a very large subject, but, reading your background, I do believe you are equipped to handle it.  I will be most interested to read your future posts to learn where your journey is taking you.  Sounds like you will be in a position to help a lot of people with your information, and I commend you.

    1. Thanks so very much for reading through the article and providing your very encouraging words about the website! I feel so strengthened!

      The task in front is indeed huge and will take thousands of articles to cover adequately. So far the Publishing Schedule is Sunday and Thursday. That should produce 730 articles a year. After a few years, Almighty willing, good ground will have been covered.

      Warmest regards!

  4. I do not really know to express my gratitude to you for creating such an awesome website on personal and global health..trust me such website do make alot of traffic as there nothing much people really look into now other than keeping a healthy body and soul considering the current state of the economy and websites like yours are just what we need in such ravaging pandemic situation…
    thanks for the review and i would love to visit your blog more often

    1. Hi,

      Thanks so much for visiting the website and making your input.

      Thanks very much for your reassuring words!

      The articles are now being published EVERY Sunday and Thursday.

      Enjoy! 😊

  5. Helooo Dear, health they say is wealth. Anyways a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and informative post..it so much amazes me and of great interest to me when I see people with the intention of helping others out there, a big thanks for availing yourself to always help. Thanks

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your input.

      Grateful for the gift of writing, especially if it is for the betterment of others.


  6. Hello there,  Really,  such an awesome site you got here, and I really commend what  you’re, I have sometimes past read so if your articles an I must say they were very helful and  your writing skill is just exceptional as you have a way of gettting your readers glued to your writings. I have your site saved already and I hope to get more informational post here.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks so very much! 😊

      Thank you for keeping a record of the website – we have a valuable Visitor in you!

      The decision has been to publish articles every Sunday and Thursday. In this way, our Esteemed Readers can know when to check for new material.

      Warmest regards.

  7. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful piece of information here with us. I must say i really did enjoyed going through your article as it contains useful messages one could pass on to others during this pandemic, like you said we all need each other this period. Thanks for sharing

  8. Hello Teboho – Your website is interesting.  It seems to tie current events together with medical solutions. I agree with you in that “all of us, need all of us.  We are all in this together and I will add: we all need God. I am looking forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Nathaniel,

      Thanks for dropping by and providing your valuable input – much appreciated!

      So glad that you find the website of value. Hopefully many more people around you will experience it that way.

      Yes indeed, all of us, need all of us; and we all need God – AMEN to that!!

      Warmest regards.

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