What Do Men Want?

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What do men want? Just what do men want from relationships? And what do men need from women?

Millions of women across the world, ask themselves these and similar questions EVERYDAY.

And almost always, women ask the questions in distress, despair and / or anxiety. Answers to the questions need to be readily available. That is the purpose of this article – to give the Reader the most pertinent information about what men want.

Women are the majority of the world’s population. So the subject of what men want from women is a very important one. And it is of interest to young women, middle aged women, and elderly women alike.

This subject of what men want from women, will be presented according to the BIOPSYCHOSOCIAL model:

– Bio deals with the Biological or Physical needs.

– Psycho deals with the Psychological and emotional needs.

– And Social deals with the social and societal needs and expectations.

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DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate link(s). An affiliate link means the Author may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through such a link. This is at no cost to You, Esteemed Reader. Read full Disclosure Statement


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Men, by nature, are different from women. This difference applies from the very early stages of life. Failure to acknowledge the fact that men are biologically different from women, leads to frustration, misery, and conflict.

Men have a different composition of sex hormones. The predominant hormone in men is Testosterone. Women still have testosterone, but in minute quantities compared to men and to the female hormones.

Men’s hormonal composition, as well as other factors, make their desires to be different from those of women. Humans are visual, but men are more VISUAL, preferring things that are pleasing to the eyes. And my, there could be nothing more suitable for fulfilling that need, than the absolutely tantalising sculpture that is WOMAN!

For this reason, a woman should use the skill that she is innately born with, to please a man visually. Women naturally have good taste, of clothes, of hair, of everything. This gift should be perfected and used maximally to benefit both sides.

Men do prefer good looking women. That is a known fact. And the fact is, every woman has the potential to look absolutely beautiful.

To look good as a woman, have healthy skin, hair, nails, and a gorgeous figure, some of the areas to attend to are:

– diet / nutrition

– water intake

– exercise

– relaxation and entertainment

– clothing (from the innermost to the outermost items)

– cosmetics / topical applications

The links above direct you to some of the products that can help a woman look her best. And there are thousands more articles when you do get into the website dear Reader. It is a good idea to teach and facilitate your daughter(s) to grow up knowing how to look after themselves too!

The second point to touch on, is that of lovemaking (preferred word to sex). Countless surveys throughout the years and across all cultures, have indicated that lovemaking is one of the most important ingredients of a relationship. This applies more to men than women.

Sex biology is such that once a male reaches puberty, the male hormones will reach adult level and stay there always. This is in contrast to a woman, whose sex hormones undergo a monthly cycle in which they go up and down.

In women, the sex hormones drop dramatically around the time of menopause. But a man’s sex hormones remain elevated until old age. There is only a slight drop in old age.

These differences in the chemistry of men and women, make their “sexual cycles” to be different. Men get aroused much more easily. They require intimacy or lovemaking (sexual intercourse) much more frequently than women.

Women’s sexual cycle is such that they take much longer to become aroused. And they take longer than men to reach the climax or orgasm. But once aroused, they can even have multiple orgasms; the male counterpart has usually completed their cycle by then, having climaxed.

There is a saying in some cultures that, “the shortest route to a man’s heart, is through the tummy”! This means that a man greatly appreciates being pampered with food and beverages by his woman. Now, this applies even outside the married setup!

* Summary of a man’s biological needs:

– lovemaking / sex

– visual satisfaction

– food and drinks


Men need love and affection. They need to see, hear and feel that from their partner all the time. It boosts a man’s mood and ego to see love in a woman’s eyes, and to see her smile.

What men want from women is warmth, comfort and companionship. Every man wants his woman to touch him, hold his hand, pat him, caress and kiss him. A cold attitude from a woman to a man, even if shortlived, could have longterm negative effects on ANY man’s psyche, and on a relationship.

Men are created for (healthy) domination or leadership. They like to feel in control. This is partly contributed to by the male hormonal composition mentioned in bio above.

Men like to be respected by their women folk, but especially their partners. In return for respect, they will provide great love. Every man wants to be the Head of a family, not the foot or even the neck!

In this new millennium, and according to one Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), gender equality is important. But gender equality and respect for men are not mutually exclusive. As long as men don’t abuse their women, there is nothing wrong when (in fact it is preferable that) a woman submits herself to her man.

Communication is one of the most important elements of a relationship, if not THE most important. Now, men and women communicate differently.

Women are more in touch with their emotions. And they express their feelings, thoughts and emotions verbally. Women utter thousands times more words than men, every week.

Men’s communication style is different. And this difference is one of the most ignored if not underplayed aspects of human relations, throughout creation.

Men don’t readily communicate verbally. This is not out of stubbornness, malice or aloofness. It’s just the way it is.

Men may prefer to act out their feelings. Or they may walk away when things get heated. Or they may hook up with their friends.

Under conditions of duress in a relationship, it is important for partners to show character. Each side has to demonstrate maturity and an understanding of the differences in male and female makeup.

The woman needs to exercise caution with her use of words. Yelling at a man with a million words can really unsettle and upset him. And the man must go out of his way and try to meet his woman halfway.

* Summary of a man’s psychological needs:

– love and affection

– admiration, praise

– being smiled at

– warmth and comfort

– being touched, held and kissed

– a leading (Head) role

– respect

– understanding

– good communication

– to be given space when upset


Men are providers, from the time of Early Man. But this should not be taken for granted. Every man wants to feel appreciated.

Women need to show gratitude to their men. And in relationships where children are present, women must impart the sense of gratitude to the children too. Children should grow up knowing they have to say “thank you” to Dad or Mom, for every little thing!

A man who does not feel appreciated, quickly loses interest in providing love and material things. He stops doing the same, and often turns his attention elsewhere, in the hope of finding appreciation.

Also, from a social point of view, a man needs to feel pride, pleasure, validation and fulfilment when around his woman or family. That is why the woman in his life should look good, smell good, and sound good (humble, intelligent, humorous, etc).

And going back to the communication issue, every man wants a woman who will address him with courtesy when in the presence of other people. Some men may take pride when their partners talk about them in chats with friends. But women need to know the boundaries and respect the privacy of their partners and families or relationships.

Modern women often assert that they are not “trophies” for men. But men do need the reaffirmation of having the woman of their dreams by their sides, especially in big social situations. To them, it is a status symbol, rather than a trophy!

* Summary of a man’s social needs:

– appreciation

– gratitude

– pride, fulfilment

– security

– social well being

– reaffirmation

– social status, validation


Relationships are among the most important aspects of human existence. They are the foundation of society. We have to ensure that relationships are maintained and strengthened, and that we save troubled relationship if we can, as early as possible.

This article has given you dear Reader, information that hopefully gives you a better understanding of what a man wants from a woman or what a man wants in a woman. It has also explained what men want in relationships.

There are links to resources that can be used for further information, and kept for future reference. These should help you to save a relationship, being yours or that of a loved one. And leads to incredible items to improve your looks, your appeal and your self-confidence have been provided; please go on and acquire them!


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  1. Great information 🙂  I have been off the radar for a while with regards to a relationship.   I guess I kind of gave up.  This gives me a little perspective on what I need  to do.  It’s time for me to get out there because, yeah I miss being in a relationship, having that companionship and all that goes with it.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks very much for reading through the article and providing your valuable input.

      It does get tiring at times, doesn’t it? But there is a tremendous amount of advice out there nowadays – here on the net, books such as the one recommended in the article, Relationships Experts, Counselors, etc. Someone recently wrote, “die first, then give up”!

      Wish you the very best going forward.

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