What Are Early Signs of Pregnancy?


Am I pregnant? How do I know if I am pregnant? What are early signs of pregnancy?

These are some of the pregnancy related questions that millions of women ask themselves EVERY week. Pregnancy is a big concern for women of childbearing age. But it frequently pops up even in the minds of younger and older women, and their caregivers.

Unplanned pregnancies occur in the hundreds of thousands annually, throughout the world. But there are also people who are very anxious to fall pregnant. These are some of the people who need to know the very early signs of pregnancy.

And often, they wish and need to know the early signs of pregnancy before a missed period. This is because in the case of an unplanned pregnancy, the woman may feel that waiting for a missed period could be too late. And in the case of a woman or couple struggling to fall pregnant, the anxiety of having to wait for a missed period could be unbearable.

In fact, so anxiety provoking can the question of pregnancy be, that some clients may even ask, “what are VERY EARLY signs of pregnancy?” Or even, “what are early signs of pregnancy in first week?”

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These three items here, are for the monitoring of a woman’s normal physiologic cycle, and confirmation or exclusion of pregnancy. The items in the next article (attached here), are for the management of significantly distressing symptoms and signs of pregnancy.

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This is a very important concept to understand. Pregnancy in humans lasts nine months, normally. Health professionals divide the nine months into three “trimesters” of three months each.

The First Trimester (months 1-3) is the most important for purposes of this article.


There are indeed early SYMPTOMS of pregnancy, and a few signs. This article will lay out these early symptoms and signs of pregnancy, for your information. Sometimes, symptoms and signs of pregnancy can be distressing; advice will hereby be provided on what to do in such situations.

Knowing the early symptoms and signs of pregnancy, is helpful. If a woman for any reason suspects that she is (or wishes to be) pregnant, then she can speedily take the necessary action to confirm the pregnancy. But even in an unsuspecting woman, detection of these symptoms and signs enables early presentation to a Healthcare service, to enable the best possible desired outcome of the pregnancy.

It is important to emphasise that symptoms and signs of pregnancy don’t all occur in every woman. Some women get this / these one(s), while others get this / those one(s). Others get all of them, others none of them!

Some women become more experienced in detecting the symptoms and signs with each subsequent pregnancy. But in some cases (classically with Morning Sickness), the symptoms and signs are strongest with first-time mothers (“nulliparous” women). So yes, there may even be a difference in the same woman, from pregnancy to pregnancy.


These are the very early symptoms and signs of pregnancy. They do not present in this order, as already stated. It’s all very variable, from woman to woman, and from pregnancy to pregnancy.

But these do tend to be the earliest manifestations of pregnancy. In the next article which will be found (here), we will complete the list of the commonest manifestations of pregnancy. Even those, are not an exhaustive list.

* Breast changes / discomfort

Breasts can become tingly, swollen or engorged.

The area around the nipples, called the areola, gradually becomes darker in colour, even in dark-skinned women.

* Spotting and cramping

* Vaginal discharge

* Fatigue

* Nausea ± vomiting (“Morning Sickness” / “Early Morning Sickness – EMS”)

* Missed period



There are indeed a number of symptoms and signs of pregnancy that could raise the alarm. There can be early signs of pregnancy before a missed period, or even early signs of pregnancy in first week. These give a hint that a woman could be pregnant.

However, action needs to be taken to confirm pregnancy. Confirmation of pregnancy can be done by a Healthcare professional, using simple or sophisticated tests, depending on the needs. These professional methods will be discussed in the next article.

But fortunately, nowadays there are extremely good Pregnancy Tests such as the ones displayed and linked above. These tests are very user-friendly and can be used by anyone. The instructions are well written and illustrated, and should always be read before using the test kit.

The modern Pregnancy Tests are also very accurate. When performed well, they give reliable results in excess of 90%.

We will discuss more about the Pregnancy Test in the next article, “The Symptoms of Pregnancy”. In that article, we will also deal with other early symptoms of pregnancy, but which come a bit later than the above.


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  1. Hello Doctor, I feel so happy to be here and its really one very good article you have written here and so many things can become clear from here and that’s why really like it. Some female do not know these things and some times get overwhelmed only to realise it’s not pregnancy. Thanks for sharing.

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