The Symptoms of Pregnancy


In the first article of this two-part discussion of the early symptoms and signs of pregnancy, we looked into the very early symptoms and signs. In this second article, we will wrap up listing the symptoms of pregnancy by looking at some of the latter ones to present. Then we will deal in detail with how to confirm pregnancy.

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Pain happens throughout pregnancy, due to a variety of reasons. It could be pain that is peculiar to pregnancy (that is, caused by the pregnancy). Or it could be pre-existing pain. In all cases, it is necessary to use a painkiller that is safe for the expectant mother and her baby. Acetaminophen / Paracetamol is the best in this regard.

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Dry biscuits and black tea in the morning – helpful as a conservative measure against troublesome morning sickness

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To recap, in the previous article we have already discussed these early symptoms and signs of pregnancy:

* Breast changes

* Spotting ± cramping

* White, non-smelly vaginal discharge

* Fatigue

* Nausea (“Morning Sickness” / “EMS”)

* Missed period

Other symptoms and signs of pregnancy, some of which can still occur early on, are:

* Urge to urinate (pee) frequently

* Increased sensitivity to smells

* Mood changes or swings (usually irritability)

* Bloating

* Increase in basal body temperature


Symptoms and signs can be helpful in alerting a woman to the possibility of pregnancy. This is especially true in the case of an experienced woman or her carer.

However, the only way to know with certainty, is to do a Pregnancy Test.


In this two-part discussion of the symptoms and signs of pregnancy, we have highlighted the fact that there are a number of symptoms and signs that are indicative of pregnancy. Some of them come early enough to be useful for people who are unable to wait for a missed period.

But, the symptoms and signs of pregnancy are very inconsistent and very variable. And many of them are not unique to pregnancy – they can occur as a result of other causes. This applies even to the famous missed period, which does not always mean pregnancy!

Therefore, a pregnancy test is strongly recommended, and can be done at home or by a Healthcare professional. Scientific advances have provided very good Pregnancy Test devices for home based use. And Healthcare Workers have these plus other more sophisticated tests.

Healthcare professionals also have excellent and safe radiological imaging techniques. These radiology machines can confirm pregnancy. And they can provide a lot more valuable information, depending on the needs and circumstances.

The ultrasound scan, which is the most widely used, safest radiological investigation, also has the advantage that pictures can be printed out. This gives an exciting record for the expectant mother and her family.


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