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Online Entrepreneurship, enticing as it is, is very demanding. It demands a lot of hard work. But it demands even more patience and resilience, as it is not a get-rich-quick enterprise. People can and do crack under the pressure. Please see this article on the mental health of the online entrepreneur. This article aims to help online entrepreneurs to deal with online entrepreneurship stress.

It must be clarified right at the onset that STRESS is inevitable in any kind of hustle or studies. Stress can help people to get work done, make things happen. This is good stress or “Eustress”. What is bad, is destructive stress or “Distress” – this is what we aim to help you Esteemed Reader to prevent, rather than cure.

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This will be done by sharing experiences in the field of Managing Website(s), especially the Publishing aspect. Managing our websites efficiently and having them performing optimally, is important for our happiness and mental wellbeing. As the author of this article is currently working under

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the advice and examples will be based on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. But this can be extended to any other platform of the Reader’s choice, with the necessary modifications.

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Wealthy Affiliate has a website performance tool. On the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard, there is “Websites” on the Left menu. Under this, there is “Site Manager”. And under Site Manager, there is a “Site Health” bar on the Right. This can either say “Site Health Needs Work”, or “Site Health is Pretty Good”, or “Site Health is Awesome”. Clicking “view details” brings up a screen like the ones below.

The screens captured below show the story of my website’s performance. I get my mark by simply averaging the 8 percentages. On the 15th April 2020, I was at 82.5% (but with 100% Publishing Frequency and 60% Website Feedback – bottom right):


My target was an average Site Performance mark of 87.5% by 18th April, 2020. Unfortunately, things got really hectic, and by Tues 21st, I had declined to the 90% Publishing Frequency above.

I managed to increase the Website Feedback to the above 70%. Site Health was still “Awesome”.

Workload got no easier, and on Wed 22nd, the Publishing Frequency declined further to 80%, with Site Health now down to “Pretty Good” (top right):

On 22nd, I responded by publishing an article. Publishing Frequency went up to 90% and Site Health went back to Awesome:

On Thursday 23rd, I worked on the Website Feedback, increasing it to 80%:

On Fri 24th, I published again to push the Publishing Frequency to 100%:

And on Saturday 25th, one week later than what I had targeted, I brought my website’s average mark to 87.5%, by bringing the Website Feedback to 100%:


I was not worried about or ashamed of the Site Trust of 0% – this is something beyond my control! New sites are not trusted by Search Engines (mine was one month old, or actually, 24 days old).

Site Trust improves by 10% per month. And indeed, at the beginning of the second month, this was the picture:


At the beginning of the third month, there was a further improvement:

That means, after eight months, the Site Trust percentage will be in green / Awesome. And at the beginning of the tenth month, it will be 100%.

“Do your very best;

Almighty will do the rest!”


I have now set a fixed Publishing Schedule of Sundays and Thursdays every week. This schedule is enough to keep my Publishing Frequency at 90-100%, at the same time being realistic and not too stressful.

I try to have two articles ready by every Publishing Day, one complete and waiting for final touches and publication, and another in rudimentary stages. This strategy works very well and takes the stress off Publishing Days, and eliminates the need for missed meals, late nights, etc.

Have a wonderful time everyone! Let’s diligently work on our websites, and let’s monitor them with any performance tools at our disposal. Above all, let us strive to be happy!

4 Replies to “Online Entrepreneurship Stress”

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for your advice here about the importance of managing stress when you are a busy online entrepreneur. There is more pressure to succeed these days than ever before. People’s expectations however are way too high, and often want success to come quickly. I think you have highlighted in your article the importance of focusing on one thing at a time, and celebrate small victories. This is a much healthier way to build your online business. Building your site trust is one aspect of the business that you can focus on right now. Adding content will improve this and gradually over time it will grow with the authority of the site. 

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Ray,

      Thanks very much for going through the article and providing valuable input!

      Being consistent in creating content is so very important. It definitely ensures the site trust which does improve with every passing month. It is good that this is being emphasised a great deal to provide people who are starting out in online entrepreneurship, so they can have realistic expectations, buoyed by adequate effort.

      Warmest regards.

  2. As enticing as it is, it is also very demanding. Amen to that, my friend! Amen! Definitely not a get rich quick scheme if you want to do it right.

    I loved your publishing approach – having two articles ready on any given publishing day – that sounds awesome. Something I should strive for. However, I guess that depends on the person. I for a fact typically wait for the last 4-hour window to make an article and I’m quite good at it. Granted, sometimes I have to publish unfinished ones and update them later and for some that may appear to be of a somewhat hectic approach, however, it gets the job done for me. 

    Somehow that window always gets me motivated to do focused work. Because I can spend an entire day on an article or I can just designate a 4-hour window. The result has been kind of the same. But with the latter, I have time to do other stuff as well.

    Let us strive to be happy! Cheers.

    1. Hi Matiss,

      👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Thanks so very much!

      Definitely, assigning a small window period to do something, does produce results consistently. I remember being taught that technique in a presentation on Time Management – doing work under pressure!

      I have in the past had to publish a few articles at 80-90% completion. That is also a good strategy, because you stick to your Publishing Schedule. But being a fastidious person(ality), I would feel a bit nervous publishing like that. And over the past month, my aim (which I am successful with) is to reach Page 1 of at least one major search engine in 3-4 days. So, I need the articles to be complete, Affiliate Links and everything, because they could reach many people before I complete them, with consequences, you know?

      Wishing you so many good things Matiss my friend!

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