5G Technology Dangers


The aim of the article of 8 April 2020 on this very website, was to urgently address the whirlwind of misinformation about 5G technology dangers. This misinformation was, and still is, causing a lot of confusion all over the world.

Among other issues, we explored in detail, 5G technology health risks. We unequivocally dispelled the myth of a link between 5G towers and COVID-19. In this 5G network review, we will deal a little more about the growth of 5G technology, and offer advice and guidance.

Deep research into quality, reliable equipment to protect you and your loved ones has been done. This equipment protects us against any potential harm from radiation including 5G EMF radiation. Links to such equipment are provided in this article.

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The reality is that 5G is new technology, that was initially being used in military services. In recent years, it got modified for general communications usage.

Some European and Asian countries, and a few countries in the other continents, put 5G technology on trial. There are currently efforts to roll it out globally. But such efforts have had to be halted in several countries, exactly because of safety concerns.

Valid concerns about 5G radiation stem from the possible harmful radiation. For example, this story:


But the truth is, all current and earlier technologies, because they do emit Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation, still carry slight risks. Some of these risks have been documented in scientific and literary articles.

A picture of a 5G tower, with a big blue 5 and a G on either side of the tower.


On your behalf, Esteemed Reader, I sought information on the evolution of communication technologies up to 5G. I consulted with a telecommunications expert, and this is what he said in a written reply:

“2G, 3G, 4G and 5G are mobile communication technologies.

  • 2G was about voice and SMS.
  • 3G was about voice and data (including video).
  • 4G – increase in volumes of data.
  • 5G is about huge volumes of data to enable machine-to-machine communication, communication between a phone or computer, and other household or office devices.”
A picture of a male Doctor using the keypad of a mobile phone.
Through 5G, this Doctor can communicate with the microwave oven or fridge back at home.






Furthermore, the World Health Organisation has this to say:



All the above generations of communication technology do emit radiation. But admittedly, the strength of the radiation has been progressively increasing with more advanced technologies.

It is very important to emphasise that the type of radiation used by these devices and the towers that supply them, is NOT IONISING RADIATION as produced by x-ray machines. Ionising radiation is very dangerous in as far as cancer causation is concerned, because it damages cellular DNA.

EMF radiation produced by communications technology (definitely 4G and earlier) is of very low frequency (radiofrequency). It does not cause DNA damage which leads to cancer.

But 4G technology, which has been in use globally for several years now, does carry more radiation than earlier generations. And there is greater need to take more protective measures.

5G technology, which is about twenty times (20x) faster than 4G, comes with a price of a much higher dose of EMF radiation. Thus a lot more care has to be taken when using 5G devices. A lot more has to be invested in protective equipment for use in the homes and workplaces.

It must be stated that the general precautions relating to the use of cellphones (mobile phones) must be applied to all generations of communications technology. This should be done at all times, in order to minimise any potential risk of harm from radiation. These measures are hopefully now well known. But we shall recap some of them for the Reader’s convenience:

1. Mobile phones should not be kept close to the heart, as they may trigger abnormal heart rhythms of varying severity. This happens especially when a call comes in.

This warning is even more important for people who have diseased hearts, especially those with hearts being supported by medical devices such as pacemakers. However, everyone should take care!

A picture of the hands of 4 people of different races. The hands are arranged to construct a heart. People with heart disease are prone to harmful effects of cellphone radiation.
The heart is one of the organs most vulnerable to the harmful effects of cellphone radiation. And it’s a vital organ.






2. Mobile phones should not be kept close to the reproductive organs. This is because of the possible harm to the gametes or reproductive elements of both males and females.

3. Please avoid lengthy calls of e.g. more than half an hour. The longer you speak on a cellular phone, the more you are exposing yourself and those around you, to radiation. Headaches, dizziness, disorientation and other nervous system disorders often occur from this.

But there are many potential consequences in the long-term and in other body parts, some of which are a lot more serious.

4. When talking on the mobile phone, avoid pressing the set against your ears. Hold it just next to the ears (often you will need to adjust the volume to enable this).

5. Young children do not have well-calcified skulls. As a result, radiation from phones penetrates into their brains much easier than for adults.

Therefore the issue of buying these devices for children is controversial. And certainly adults should avoid making (lengthy) calls in the close proximity of young children.

A picture of two children (twins). Children are at high risk of harm from cellphone radiation, because of immature body tissues (especially incomplete calcification).
Let’s always be aware of the presence of children where and when cellphones are being used. The radiation can destroy their futures.






6. Some authorities feel that earphones, which are recommended e.g. when using phones while driving, have the disadvantage of acting like antennas. That is, they direct radiation straight at the brain. Safer options are provided in the links above.

7. When travelling through parts of the world that do not have good cellphone coverage (signal from towers), it is important to switch off the mobile phone set. This is because the handset, when searching for a signal, emits more radiation per cubic metre, than a tower! This is dangerous not only to the person holding the phone or storing it somewhere on them, but to all those around (usually in a vehicle of some sort).

(Switching the phone off also helps to save the battery, which is greatly consumed by signal searching.)

8. Please don’t engage in a call with a mobile phone still on charge. Remove it, ideally even before dialling or pressing “answer”.

9. The use of mobile phones in clinical areas of hospitals and other health facilities, should be avoided. This certainly applies within 6 metres’ radius of a clinical area. This precaution is because the phones can interfere with equipment like alarms, nursery and ICU machines.

10. Please do not keep a mobile phone, especially one that is still on, in the room in which you sleep.

Generally, please be aware of radiation around your home or workplace at all times. One of the technologies above, measures the radiation in your environment. This enables you to adjust the sources of radiation in order to stay within / below the recommended levels.


Communications technology is continuously evolving in this Information Age, to meet the needs of the global community. It plays a pivotal role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. And available technologies are far from adequate in terms of capacity and speed.

The Developing World, especially the remotest parts thereof, need these advanced communication technologies. They can help to lift them out of the desperate situation of poverty, isolation, ignorance, disease, etc. And there is a huge drive by Philanthropists and other people of goodwill, to make reliable information technology available to all of humanity.

But there seemingly are risks that have not been investigated exhaustively yet. That is why rollout efforts keep advancing and regressing.

We all need to do our best to equip ourselves with all the knowledge we can muster. In this way we will be able to use this advanced technology for the betterment of our lives, with the minimal possible potential for serious adverse effects.

A picture of a man seated at a desk with several monitors. He has headphones on and connected to the computers.


For more information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from 5G radiation, as well as where to buy reliable equipment:





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6 Replies to “5G Technology Dangers”

  1. Thanks for the information! I was already familiar with the dangers of 5G. I don’t know why many feel like every campaign against the things that big money or government are promoting is based on some wacky left-field idea. Conspiracies are a reality. Sure, some are just theories, but some are realities. 6 months ago, I had acquaintances saying this Covid-19 thing is just a way to control people. Well, I don’t know if it is or isn’t, but the science of it shows that people are being infected rapidly and the death toll is sobering. Is the 5G implementation a scheme or conspiracy by the government or big tech companies or even a higher type of entity? I don’t know! But like you said, and just as with the C19 thing, people are getting sick, many are dying. Do we wait until the science that we know is proven to the believers, to also be proven to the unbelievers through the death of our or their loved ones before it’s agreed that the threat of 5G is legit? That’s what many did during this pandemic. 

    Money trumps all even in our information age where people can learn for themselves the truth. Certainly, we don’t know what all the dangers could possibly be with 5G, but the ones we know of are horrendous, yet the authorities (FCC) are allowing dangerous technology to be established while brainwashing the masses with the hope of having a bunch more flashy bells and whistles. We become intoxicated with the novelty of technological toys that impress or simply make our lives easier while ignoring the bigger picture, the invisible 5G elephant wave in the room!


    1. Hi Darrin,

      You have said it all!

      Humankind has become too fascinated by technological toys. I don’t know what’s going to slow us down, and when. But we must continue to sound the warnings. The least we will gain from doing that, is peace of mind and free consciences.

      Warmest regards.

  2. Hi and thanks for raising the issues here. I do think we have allowed ourselves to succumb to the allure of the ease of all this wireless technology when actually wired systems are often perfectly adequate. Some obvious examples are that if I am sitting at a desk using a computer with a keyboard and mouse there is no reason at all why I need the mouse and the keyboard to function wirelessly. It seems perfectly logical to me that 5G is going to present new health issues. especially because of Increased power. Just looking at all the frequency bands that 5G will be using is a little daunting. Honestly, I don’t see how this could not be a health concern. Thanks for raising this. Best regards, Andy

    1. Hi Andy,

      You have put it sooo nicely! I often get into arguments with people who will stand up in a Lounge, go past a TV set, pick up a remote control, go back to their seat, then use the remote just to turn on the TV! 😱

      We have become too reliant on things we don’t really need, and tragically which are not harmless!

      Thanks so very much and warmest regards!

  3. Wow, interesting article. I never truly considered the risks of cell phones. I mean… I knew there was some dose of radiation, but since they are put on the market, what harm could there be?

    I think you strike a nice balance between the ability to use cell phones and staying safe while doing so. I think for me, the two dangers from your list are the headphones and keeping my phone close to my bed. Ironically, I am very dependent on both. I talk on the phone while doing others things, so I need headphones (and it’s just so darn convenient!). I have a job where I can receive a phone call at odd hours of the night, so I keep my cell phone on my night stand.

    Hmm, not sure how I could mitigate those risks, but you gave me something to think about…

    1. Hi Gregory,

      Thanks very much for going through the article and providing valuable input!

      You are very right. Some occupations, or some employers, demand that we use hands-free calling, while others demand that our phones are on 24/7.

      As you can see, there are indeed earphones and headphones that are designed to minimise the risk of radiation being directed to the head / brain.

      In terms of phones that have to be on near our beds, there are also shielding devices, the Affiliate Links to which I have provided in the two articles on 5G technology on the website.

      Best of luck as you seek the best way of continuing to function as required, but also minimising risk.

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