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Maintaining motivation and focus in Business can be difficult. Online business is no exception. The Writer of this article has been in the traditional types of business for 19 years, and has attempted online business before, both when employed and when self-employed. So I have come up with two acronyms for this article, to spur on Esteemed Readers who are contemplating online entrepreneurship, and those already in the business:

GOSH – Get On & Start a Hustle

GOAL – Get Out And Live

The Concise Oxford Dictionary says of

* get on – 1 make progress, manage. 3 = get along

* get out – 1 leave or escape. 2 manage to go outdoors. 4 transpire; become known. 5 succeed in uttering, publishing, etc. 6 solve or finish.

(I have selected the meanings of the words which are relevant to this post, on online entrepreneurship.)


Many people struggle with indecisiveness when intending to embark on online entrepreneurship, and even after they have started. There are many of us Online Entrepreneurs, who have not been able to overcome their anxieties, and are not fully utilising their Membership benefits (whether Free or Paid). For some of us, the indecision stems from past negative experiences. This is understandable, as there are so many scams out there in the world-wide web, and the global economic situation is not stabilising. BUT there is so much reassurance, transparency and support around my most highly recommended Online Entrepreneurship training platform, Wealthy Affiliate, the links to which I am going to provide below. We just need to face and overcome our fears and, GOSH!

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Those of us who are doing, or intending to do, online business part-time, may complain of time constraints. The sincere advice would be to divide one’s 24 hour day into

  • the 10 hours of regular work + driving to and fro,
  • and say 12 hours of sleep, self management and relationships time,
  • then set aside 2 hours for online work everyday, CONSISTENTLY.

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We really need to Get Out And Live our dream of becoming successful business people. Even under conditions of lockdown or quarantine, we are lucky because we can continue unleashing our potential, churning out lots of quality content, etc.

We must get out of our comfort zones to become successful. We must get out and possess what is ours in the frenzy of online shopping.

It is important to get out and be known. Participate and compete (healthily). In 2015, I was the (self-appointed) Campaign Leader for Miss Heritage International Lesotho. We were aiming to start winning before the pageant proper, by scooping the Miss Popularity Award, which was done by voting online daily for about 4 months. I noticed that the young lady (who had won several national and regional pageants) was a bit shy and afraid of the international stage. That’s why I grabbed the Marketing and Publicity responsibility from her, because as I said to her, “when you reach a level like this, you must either go big, or go home”!

We won the title with more than 10, 600 votes, with the runner-up from the Philippines, the Text Capital of the World, having 6k votes. That was the result of an aggressive internet campaign, and a determination to solve the problem of us as a country of 2 million, up against a country of 100 million techno-wise people.

Even for those of us who have taken to online business after retirement, we still need to maintain the minimum of that discipline of regular employment. We must wake up and get up. If that internal clock that was established in us from the many years of schooling and employment, still wakes us up at 4, 5, 6 a.m., isn’t it utterly wasteful that we could get up 2-3-4 hours later?



Let’s get out and live the dream! Let’s not let people say, “alas, Online Business is where the ones who could never be punctual at work go”, or “aah, that’s where the ones who cannot get on with their colleagues or bosses take refuge”! I have noted that there are many retired Senior Officers of armies, air forces, navies, police forces, etc, of different countries here at WA. I haven’t seen anyone who has written, “I decided to join WA because I was a delinquent who couldn’t cope with my job”. A mutinous mind is unlikely to get anyone anywhere in Business!

We need to maintain that all-round discipline, to succeed. We must still get up and do our exercises, to remain healthy. Let people not say, “Fiona had a figure to die for before she took up this sedentary lifestyle of online entrepreneurship”, or “Floyd has become flabby and fat, ever since he started an online business”!


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  1. Hello dear, wow what wonderful content you have here, I was actually doing some research online when I saw your post, I must say these is exactly what I need to take my business to the next level, can’t wait to try out your strategies, I am really amazed, I already saved these page so as to come back for future reference, cthanks a lot

  2. Hello there thanks for this insightful review. Sometimes I really do not blame people for thinking online businesses are scam because there are a lot scams all over and people do not know which is which anymore. But then that doesn’t change the fact that there are for real legit ones like WA. I must say wealthy affiliate is one platform that is worth giving a try.

  3. Helooo, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and inspiring article on online entrepreneurship goal. This is really motivating, it touches many areas…. It’s is indeed very important for one to maintain all round discipline to  achieve success. I so much love the Wealthy affiliate platform recommended here it’s one reliable and trusted platform I know. Thanks once again for this quality and useful content. 

  4. intriguing review on online entrepreneurship goal. Every entrepreneur would love to strive to make it a success in all that they do.. as an entrepreneur you need a lot of skills to be successful in your business such as the skill and knowledge of risk-taking and forecasting. Most likely they are scared of advertisement not knowing it go a long way to making you a success in your business….

    thanks for sharing such an insightful review and look forward to sharing it

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing such amazing concise information with us all. I believe this is exactly what I need to take my business to the next level, I really want to thank you for the hard work you put in bringing this site together and providing such amazing concise information with us all. Thanks for the info

  6. Hello there, This is an amazing article that you have got here. I love the two acronyms you used; gosh and goal. This represents a head start. Its really bad when we think through a particular idea and never get out to out in what it takes to get it working. I enjoyed reading through this article.

    Thanks for sharing.

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