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The Reader of this article faces a lot of pressures on their psychological, emotional, material and spiritual* resources. And like the rest of humanity, we face a myriad of challenges to our physical wellbeing, including an unprecedented occurrence of concurrent pandemics. This post attempts to offer pretty FREE Holistic Health Remedies, following the Biopsychosocial Model. Where I was born, the vehicle registration numbers begin with the letter H (above image). So I naturally came up with these ten bits of advice, all beginning with H. (They are not The Ten Commandments, by the way, just a collection of lessons learnt in life and the classroom, that could be called the Holistic Health School!)

* NB apparently one does not need to be a religious person to have spiritual needs. Please also see #6 below.

I believe most of the messages don’t need any further clarification:


1. Hate, never; love, always!

This is the top Law of Life, though maybe difficult to practice consistently. Hate is a destructive force that does not only impact on the person or entity to which it is aimed, but also the hater! It drains emotional energy, increases stress hormones, increases blood sugar and other harmful chemicals, puts one on a high basal blood pressure, weakens the immune system, and does a lot of other harmful effects.

2. Humble yourself

NB #1 & #2 must always be read in conjunction with #9!

Humbling oneself and respecting others and the environment, does not mean humbling oneself or compromising to a point of no existence.

3. Honesty

Although it seems to be increasingly fashionable to be deceitful, the reality is that honesty is a lot more advantageous. It is much easier to remember the truth, than it is to remember a fabrication or lie. Honesty has endurance, while lies have speed. So if one wants to go the distance, the former is definitely the way to go.

4. Hard work

You get out what you put in. A little effort, gives meagre results and unhappiness. A big effort, coupled with smartness, usually gives a big yield, satisfaction, happiness, and better health.

5. Hope

There is a saying that without food, a person can survive for weeks, without water – for days, and without hope – for seconds!! Losing hope is really turning off the switch to one’s life! Keep hope alive, even in situations where others would deem it unreasonable to still be hopeful.

Let’s all do our bit to disseminate hope in this hopeless world, especially at this and other difficult times.

6. Holiness

Take time for this routinely. Meditate, do breathing exercises. This has a lot of benefits on physical, immunological, psychological and emotional well being.

7. Healthy Lifestyles

Special care should be taken to prevent:

  • Heart disease & Cancer – the two biggest killers globally
  • Hypertension (“High blood”)
  • High blood sugar
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • HIV & COVID-19 (the sister pandemics)


Have fun;

Holiday whenever possible;

Have a good laugh – it’s the best medicine!

9. Hit back when pushed too far

This one may not go down well with some Readers. But NB: “hitting back” does not mean physical violence – that is something the writer doesn’t support! This message is just about assertiveness, about standing up for ourselves and not allowing ourselves to be walked all over! I will not explain any longer, except through this my little rhyme:

“Always turning the other cheek

Will make your prospects bleak!”

10. Heaven awaits loyalists.

(The opposite, also beginning with an H but an unprintable one, awaits the faint-hearted, defaulters and defectors!)

So please, don’t quit!!

7 Replies to “Holistic Health Article”

  1. What an absolutely wonderful article! I love what was said about hate. Any of those negative emotions we hold onto not only hurt those around us but hurt us more than anything.  I also agree that humility is very important because you can’t continue o have positive personal growth without it! Last but not least, I also think pushing back is a good thing when done properly. It’s important to assert your boundaries or others will run your life for you.

  2. Hello dear, wow what wonderful content you have here, I must say your article has really been of great help to me and my family a lot. Living a healthy life is what comes in someone’s mind when going through your review, and I believe that your words in this post are very right, thanks a lot for the info, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  3. Hello there thanks for the review it was really helpful. I think these are some useful tips that everyone should inculcate for a better well-being. Loving others as you love yourself is one key factor that is needed for a healthy life because the more you hate the more you destroy your health. 

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your input. Glad that you found the holistic health advice useful.


  4. Hello Teboho,

    What a unique way to get your messages across. I struggle with #10. I don’t stand up enough for myself even though my husband always does and I should learn from him. In these crazy times that the world is experiencing, these are definitely things we should be practicing every day!

    Although it doesn’t begin with the letter ‘H’ I am also learning to be GRATEFUL for what I have instead of being upset about things I don’t have.

    1. Hi Mary Ann,

      Thanks so very much for having a look at the article and providing your valuable input. Glad that you gained in the process.

      H is such a versatile letter, and my name, Teboho, actually meaning “Gratitude”, I shouldn’t have a problem helping you out with your personal #11: Have gratitude!! Count your blessings. Celebrate your Ebenezer Moments!!

      Warmest regards. 😊

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